Nigel Westwood Triple Jump Training

One of my dreams is to be a professional athlete. I don’t need to win gold at the olympics or break world records, but competing in something I love doing against others at a high level is something I aspire to. Triple Jump is my chosen event and I am training a lot. At least 4 times a week, sometimes up to 6. That doesn’t mean I am good.

One of the key reason why I have chosen the Triple Jump over other events in athletics (aside from the fact that I just find it super fun) is that it requires technique. A lot of technique. To the untrained eye it seems like a guy jumping three times kind of awkwardly, but once you get into the detail you see that every single movement from start to finish is a highly choreographed dance where even a slight fraction of variance can make the difference between a good jump and total disaster.

In this video you can see one of the training exercises that I am currently doing. Basically the aim is to keep drop your free leg straight after the initial drive. However. When you focus on one thing you begin to forget a lot of others. Like my arms. What am I doing? And my jump leg, the knee is supposed to come through high. What happened to that? There are many things to improve on here but bit by bit I carry on training, with the club and alone, aiming to one day reach my goal.

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