Days 7 to 9 – Progress

Day 7 – 07.01.18

Getting up today was a breeze! The night before I was in bed by about 11ish so not too late and I slept pretty well. I had an athletics competition today and so had to meet my coach at 8.30am to leave for the venue. Having a purpose when waking up definitely makes it much easier to get out of bed and get focused in the morning.

By the time of my competition (around 12.30) I felt a little lower on energy than usual, i’m not sure whether that is due to the waking up early or not eating well enough before hand but it is something I will keep tabs on in the coming weeks as I have more of these competitions to attend. When I got back home I was pretty shattered and spent the rest of my Sunday lounging around the house recovering. Bed around 10.30 and preparing for tomorrow, the first day back at work.


Day 8 – 08.01.18

As with previous days, the evening routine seems to completely determine how easy it is to get up in the mornings. Today I was out of bed at 6 on the dot, even waking up a couple of minutes before the alarm. I threw on some running gear and went out for a run up the hill to the nearby Montjuic Castle which took about 40 minutes and covered around 8km (don’t judge me on distance running times at the moment!). Getting back to the house I felt good and had energy.

Working during the day was easy. Because of the early mornings where I had been chipping away at pieces of work over the past week I came to the office ahead of where I needed to be and that was how it stayed. Around 4pm I felt like I was flagging a bit but an espresso kept me going until 6pm (which I have decided should be the end of my de facto working day – being ‘self-employed’ you kind of need to set some rules otherwise you’ll be in the office forever). The evening was normal, food, relaxing but I stayed up a bit too long watching TV and so didn’t get to bed before about 11.20. That routine is important!


Day 9 – 09.01.18

Because of my later bed time and lack of real purpose in the morning getting out of bed was tough although I did manage (with some help from my girlfriend who was also awake – not sure she is enjoying my change of lifestyle too much)! Because I hadn’t planned any specific tasks for the morning I actually sat and read a book for a couple of hours which was nice. I try to read a lot anyway but it is great to have some peaceful time where no one is disturbing you whilst you read.

The day was full of tax work for the company which is less than fun but at 6pm I left the office and headed for athletics training. I didn’t eat before I went (in the past I would always eat something, at least chocolate, but I am also on a low carb diet for cutting at the moment which means no fun food!) which didn’t seem to affect me very much especially when compared to the aches and pains from previous days workouts. At about 8pm I was starting to feel a little sleepy but I think it was ok. I got home for 9.45, cooked dinner and relaxed, eventually sleeping at around 11.30. One thing I did notice was feeling a bit dehydrated. I didn’t drink as much water as usual before bed but i’m guessing these effects came more from the diet than the schedule (lowering your body’s carb stores also lowers its ability to store water, hence you need to drink more and more often).


Over the last couple of days I have seen a definite pattern that I need to develop a set routine for the evenings and part of that routine must include planning for the following morning’s activities. Without this, one, you don’t sleep at the right time or in a relaxed state of mind (which is really important especially when going to bed earlier so you don’t just lie awake) and two, when you wake up you tend to drift a little and waste the precious time you have been gifted. Something else to work on for sure!

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