Day 6 – Adapting

Day 6 – 06.01.17

So on my return to Spain I ended up going to bed late. No surprises there considering what has happened every other day so far. I actually didn’t sleep until gone midnight so I was dreading waking up in the morning but, when six o’clock came around, I opened my eyes and didn’t actually feel bad. I sat up, put my feet on the floor and realised that I could get up easily, no problem at all. I think my body may be starting to adapt to the new rhythm of bed earlier and waking up earlier, I can’t find any other explanation for it. Anyway, I was up, got stuck into to my Javascript course and doing some research for affiliate sites.

However, by about 9.30 I was pretty tired so I actually took a 30 minute nap to catch up on some of the sleep I had missed. When I woke I was feeling great and the rest of the day I had no problem with tiredness. I met up with a friend and had some lunch and drinks. My aim is to enjoy the last couple of days before I have to settle back into a working routine again. This will also bring its own challenges as I wish to remodel my working days and create time for my other activities, but this is a bridge we will cross when we get to it!

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