Day 5 – The Routine

Day 5 – 05.01.18

Last night I was late to bed again, maybe 11.30, which made me rather worried about getting up this morning. Upon opening my eyes I felt tired. Getting up seemed like it was going to suck, but I found that once I had my feet on the floor and was actually dressed then I felt pretty good. It’s only the fifth day of doing this but it seems my body is already starting to adapt to the routine.

This morning I spent some time researching affiliate marketing businesses to see if there are any opportunities in this area. My brother works in the area so he has given me a few ideas to play around with and I can potentially see some opportunities but it will be hard to say without acting upon them. Today is also the day that I fly back to Barcelona following an extended christmas/new years break. It has been great and really important for me to get some space from my regular work and life, but now I feel ready to get back and get stuck into the year for real.

I arrived home at around 8pm Spanish time and basically crashed out at home after doing a quick shop (6th Jan here is ‘Rayes’ or ‘kings day’ which is basically their christmas and hence no shops). Eventually I didn’t get to bed before 11pm though. What is with this evening routine!!! I need to brainstorm some ideas for being able to cut off my evening activities and get into bed at a decent time otherwise this is going to start to get difficult. There are only so many days in a row you can lose sleep before it catches up with you. Anyway, all in all a successful day. Oh, and I also bought some of the new BEO Play E8 headphones at the airport, so great! Sound A+, ease of use A, fit B, looks A and they generally feel premium. Check them out!

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