Days 2 & 3

Day 2

Having written about learning lessons on day 1 was again a surprise that I went to bed pretty late and therefore expected to be tired for day 2. I was up on time however and feeling good. I got the computer out and finished my entire days work by about 7.30am (admittedly it’s post christmas and not exactly a lot going on but still a victory none the less!). The waking up was easier than I had expected but definitely not part of an easy routine yet.

I was in the car at around 10am heading down to Devon to visit my grandfather for the day which was great and returned home by about 9.15pm. It’s a 2 hour drive each way and by the return leg I was feeling pretty tired but with some good concentration the drive was no real problem. Once back I got caught in the real trap. Rather than hitting my aim of 10pm to bed, my girlfriend put on a movie and I got hooked. Midnight to bed and worried for tomorrow!

Day 3

As expected. Up at 6am. It was hard. No fun at all. I probably wouldn’t have made it but for some reason my GF was also awake so she helped me to find the willpower and get out of bed. We went to the kitchen, made pancakes and watched a movie. By about 9.30 we were both so tired that we went back to bed for an hour for a power nap (Thinking about this challenge I feel that as long as I am adding something to my day by getting up early then it is worthwhile. Getting some more sleep afterwards at this stage doesn’t bother me, but I would hope that further down the line this kind of thing won’t happen).

Following the nap we had a nice day with my dad, went to the cinema to see Jumanji (the new version!), did some shopping and spent the rest of the day playing board games. All in all a successful day. (It might seem like i’m generally not doing much at the moment but i’m back in England until the 5th Jan so using this as some much needed relaxation time. I think it is important not only to get some distance now and again from your work and day to day life, but also to stay connected with the family and spend some quality time together). In the evening, missed bed time again, I probably made it for about 11pm. However, day 4 has started well so lets see where things go from here!

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