365 Day 6am Challenge – Day 1

So, as always, with a new year comes new challenges and this year is going to be the 365 day 6am challenge. Getting up at 6am every for a year.

Why? Honestly it’s not because I have a burning desire to be a morning person or because I need to do it, rather that I want to see what the effects of it are on my wider life. More of a personal experiment. A small change that can lead to big differences, and hopefully I can learn some lessons along the way too!

Day 1 – New Years Day

Well, first lesson learned. Staying up late and drinking to excess are not conducive to waking up early! I think I could have told you that one before trying it. Anyway, I managed to get up at 6am, albeit for about 15 minutes before my plan was curtailed by primarily being way too hungover to do anything. But still, baby steps. First lesson learned, if i’m going to make this work i’ve got to control what happens in the evenings. Tonight it’s to bed early and no drinking whatsoever. Lets see if that makes it easier!

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